SiC Cascodes

SiC Cascodes Selector Guide

Part Number Package V RDS(on) typ Id max Data Sheet SPICE Model Buy Now New
UJ3C065080K3S* TO-247 650V 80 mΩ 31A
UJ3C065030K3S* TO-247 650V 30 mΩ 85A
UJ3C120080K3S* TO-247 1200V 80 mΩ 33A
UJ3C120040K3S* TO-247 1200V  35 mΩ 65A
UJ3C065080B3* D2PAK-3L 650V 80mΩ 25A
UJ3C065030B3* D2PAK-3L 650V 27mΩ 66A
UJ3C065080T3S* TO-220-3L 650V 80mΩ 31A
UJ3C065030T3S* TO-220-3L 650V 27mΩ 85A
UJC06505K TO-247 650V 45 mΩ 36.5A Buy Now
UJC1206K TO-247 1200V 60 mΩ 38A Buy Now
UJC1210K TO-247 1200V 100 mΩ 21.5A Buy Now



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UnitedSiC UJC SERIES Ease of use


Replace IGBTs, SiC MOSFETs or Si Superjunction devices with no change to gate drive voltages


SiC Cascode = Normally Off


Standard Gate Drive
Fast Switching
Near Ideal Body Diode Recovery

SiC Cascode

(Low voltage MOSFET controls a 1.2kV JFET)

SiC Cascode Configuration

How does SiC Cascode Compare to SiC MOSFETs?

UnitedSiC SiC Cascodes offer the best performance for the intrinsic Diode forward drop VSD and recovery charge QRR.

Short circuit



Robustness: UnitedSiC SiC Cascodes are 100% avalanche tested and guarantee Short circuit ratings

UnitedSiC SiC Cascodes: Best-in-class conduction and switching losses with 12V gate drive

Understanding 650V SiC cascode

UnitedSiC 650V SiC Cascode technology – disruptive performance at an unbeatable cost