SiC Schottky Diodes

SiC Schottky Diodes Selector Guide

Part Number Package V If typ Qc typ VF typ Data Sheet SPICE Model New
UJ3D06508 Wafer/Die 650V 8A  19nC  1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D06508TS TO220-2L 650V 8A  19nC  1.5V (PDF) (TXT) ✓ 
UJ3D06510 Wafer/Die 650V 10A 23nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D06510TS TO220-2L 650V 10A 23nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D06516TS TO220-2L 650V 16A  38nC  1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D06530 Wafer/Die 650V 30A 72nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D06530TS TO220-2L 650V 30A 72nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D06560KS TO-247-3L 650V 60A 72/144nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1202 Wafer/Die 1200V 2A  12nC  1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1202TS TO220-2L 1200V 2A  12nC  1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1205 Wafer/Die 1200V 5A  27nC  1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1205TS TO220-2L 1200V 5A  27nC  1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1210 Wafer/Die 1200V 10A 51nC 1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1210KS TO-247-3L 1200V 10A 51nC 1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1210KSD TO-247-3L 1200V 10A  27/54nC  1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1210TS TO220-2L 1200V 10A 51nC 1.4V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1220KSD TO-247-3L 1200V 20A  51/102nC  1.4V (PDF) (TXT) ✓ 
UJ3D1250 Wafer/Die 1200V 50A 240nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D1250K TO-247-3L 1200V 50A 240nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ3D12100Z* Die 1200V 100A 316nC 1.5V (PDF)  –  
UJ3D065200Z* Die 650V  200A  386nC  1.5V (PDF)  
UJ2D1205Z Die 1200V 5A 14nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1205T TO220-2L 1200V 5A 14nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1210Z Die 1200V 10A 35nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1210T TO220-2L 1200V 10A 35nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1215Z Die 1200V 15A 60nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1215T TO220-2L 1200V 15A 60nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1220K TO247 1200V 20A 35nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1230K TO247 1200V 30A 60nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJ2D1250Z Die 1200V 50A 158nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06504Z Die 650V 4A 9.3nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06504TS TO220-2L 650V 4A 9.3nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06506Z Die 650V 6A 12.7nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06506TS TO220-2L 650V 6A 12.7nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06508Z Die 650V 8A 18nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06508TS TO220-2L 650V 8A 18nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06510Z Die 650V 10A 19nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06510TS TO220-2L 650V 10A 19nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06516K TO-247 650V 16A 26nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06520K TO-247 650V 20A 32nC 1.5V (PDF) (TXT)
UJD06550Z* Die 650V 50A 103nC 1.55V (PDF)

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SiC Schottky with Surge Bypass Diode

UnitedSiC’s Surge Bypass diode combination provides the low Qc of Silicon Carbide with the high IFSM of Silicon to provide a single device “Surge” solution in AC/DC Boost and Power Factor Correction Converters.

  Si Surge
Bypass Diode
Package V IF Qc VF V IFSM Data
UJDS06504T TO220-3L 650V 4A 6nC 1.5V 600V 100A (PDF) (TXT)
UJDS06506T TO220-3L 650V 6A 9nC 1.5V 600V 100A (PDF) (TXT)
UJDS06508T TO220-3L 650V 8A 13nC 1.5V 600V 100A (PDF) (TXT)
UJDS06510T TO220-3L 650V 10A 16nC 1.5V 600V 100A (PDF) (TXT)

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SiC vs Si


SiC Schottky diodes enable fast switching with very low recovery charge compared to best-in-class Silicon devices.

SiC v SiC Competitors


UnitedSiC’s SiC Schottky diodes are best-in-class.

The low QRR reduces switch IRM losses.


Replace 8A Tandem Diode with 4A SiC

>5X Lower Qrr with 4A SiC Diode

SiC Qrr is Temperature Independent

4A SiC Diode VF(8A) ~ Si Tandem Diode VF(8A) at 125°C

Also available with Surge Bypass Option

Bypass surge diode

JBS with Bypass