SiC JFETs . . . The ideal circuit protection solution

Current Limiting: Rapid current decrease due to self-heating, limiting I2t

Normally-On JFETs: VTH invariant with temperature

Ability to handle peak TJ>600C, upto the melting point of Al

Part Number Package V RDS(on) Id max Data Sheet SPICE Model
UJN1205K TO247 1200V 45 mΩ 38A (PDF) (TXT)
UJN1205Z Die 1200V 45 mΩ 38A (PDF) (TXT)
UJN1208K TO247 1200V 80 mΩ 21A (PDF) (TXT)
UJN1208Z Die 1200V 80 mΩ 21A (PDF) (TXT)

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Normally-On JFET
limits current flow
from a surge event,
sustaining a 600C
temperature rise

Current limiting function


Back-to-Back Normally-On JFETs lead to a bidirectional current limiting device. Low series resistance, excellent current limiting behavior.

High Side Switch (DC Breaker)


Normally-On JFETs are used to create self-powered two-terminal fast acting circuit breakers.