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Loading USCi Models into LTSPICE
John Bendel
USCi Application Note, April, 2016

Paralleling SiC Cascodes for High Performance, High Power Systems
Matt O’Grady, Mike Zhu, Xueqing Li, John Bendel
Bodos Power Systems, September, 2015

Switching behavior of USCi SiC cascodes
Anup Bhalla, Xueqing Li, John Bendel
Bodos Power Systems, June 2015

Robustness of SiC JFETs and Cascodes
Anup Bhalla, Xueqing Li, John Bendel
Bodos Power Systems, May 2015

Using “Normally-On” JFETs in Power Systems
John Bendel & Xueqing Li
Bodo’s Power, March 2015

SiC Research and Development at United Silicon Carbide Inc. – Looking Beyond 650-1200V Diodes and Transistors
J. C. Dries
IEEE Power Electronics Magazine, March 2015

Cascode Configuration Eases Challenges of Applying SiC JFETs In Switching Inductive Loads
John Bendel
HOW2POWER Today, August 2014

Overview and User Guide to United Silicon Carbide’s “Normally On” xJ Series JFET
USCi Application Note

  • “UnitedSiC’s SiC technology is focused on driving cost parity with competing Silicon technologies while delivering superior performance.”

    Anup Bhalla
  • “UnitedSiC’s SiC Switch solutions provide superior performance to competing SiC MOSFETs while using up to 25% of the SiC content.”

    Jeff Knapp
  • “UnitedSiC’s fabless manufacturing model enables us to always provide best-in-class devices at an exceptional value to our customers.”

    Chris Dries