High-Performance SiC FETs

UnitedSiC’s UJ3C and UF3C silicon carbide FETs, based on a unique cascode configuration, are high performance G3 SiC fast JFETs co-packaged with a cascode optimized MOSFET to produce the only standard gate drive SiC device in the market today. The high switching speed, fast body diode, high temperature operation, low RDS(ON) and ruggedness of SiC FETs (cascodes) make them an excellent solution for all switching circuit topologies.


  • Excellent body diode performance (Vf < 2V)

  • Drive with any Si and/or SiC gate drive voltage

  • High performance cascode configuration

  • Superior thermal performance

  • Integrated ESD and gate protection

  • NEW 4-lead Kelvin package (-K4S part number suffix)

SiC FETs Selector Guide

Part Number Package V RDS(on) typ Id max
ID New Part Number Package V RDS(on) typ Id max Data Sheet SPICE Model Buy Now Samples
1 UJ3C065080K3S TO-247-3L 650 80 31.0 Order Online
2 UJ3C065030K3S TO-247-3L 650 30 85.0 Order Online
3 UJ3C120080K3S TO-247-3L 1200 80 33.0 Order Online
4 UJ3C120040K3S TO-247-3L 1200 35 65.0 Order Online
5 UJ3C065080B3 D²PAK-3L 650 80 25.0 Order Online
6 UJ3C065030B3 D²PAK-3L 650 27 66.0 Order Online
18 UF3C120040K3S TO-247-3L 1200 35 65.0 Order Online
7 UJ3C065080T3S TO-220-3L 650 80 31.0 Order Online
8 UJ3C065030T3S TO-220-3L 650 27 85.0 Order Online
9 UJC06505K¹ TO-247-3L 650 45 36.5 Order Online
  1. This product is not recommended for new designs. Instead, select the appropriate version of the UJ3C and UF3C series.
  2. For all die inquiries, contact sales@unitedsic.com

Design Resources

Full Product Selector Guide

SiC FET User Guide

Reliability & Package Data

FET & JFET Datasheets / SPICE Models

How do SiC Cascodes work?

Turn On

MOSFET turns “On”


  • MOSFET VDS ~ 0 V


JFET turns “On”

  • MOSFET VDS ~ 0 V, JFET VGS ~ 0 V

  • JFET VTH is −6 V typical


Low voltage MOSFET controls a 1.2kV JFET

Turn Off

MOSFET turns “Off”


  • MOSFET “Off”, VDS rises > 6 V


JFET turns “Off”

  • High Voltage Across JFET VDS

Understanding UnitedSiC cascode switches

How do UnitedSiC FETs compare to SiC MOSFETs?

Reliability & Package Data

TO-247-3L Cascode

Package Outline

G3 JFET Cascode


G3 Cascode

Qualification Report

4″ Cascode Platform

Qualification Report

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