SemiPowerEx SiC Power Modules

“We developed SiC power modules optimized for power conversion systems using UnitedSiC FET because they have an excellent advantage on high gate-source threshold voltage, low RDS(ON), and high transconductance performance. Also, we appreciated UnitedSiC engineering team’s excellent technical support as they provided performance test support for our power module samples in their lab and advised us on the optimum value of RC snubber, making it helpful for us to make a high-performance SiC power module”

D.K. Jang

Chief Executive Officer for SemiPowerEx

Stabilizing signal operation in modules with United SiC cascode FETs

SemiPowerEx upgraded the existing modules with UnitedSiC stack cascode FETs, the UF3SC065007, UF3SC120016 and UF3SC120009, along with a UnitedSiC recommended RC snubber circuitry added for stable signal operation (Snubber is internal for bolt terminal modules).