• 2021
    united SiC is now Qorvo 

    2021 - Qorvo acquires UnitedSiC

    Qorvo®, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, has acquired Princeton, New Jersey-based UnitedSiC, a leading manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors.

  • 2021
    6 moh gen 4 expansion

    2021 - UnitedSiC announces industry-best 6mohm SiC FET

    Adds 9 new devices enabling new levels of design flexibility

  • 2021
    pressphoto for jetfet monitor

    2021 - FET-Jet Calculator

    Allows designers to quickly, easily evaluate UnitedSiC devices in a variety of circuit topologies

  • 2020
    Gen 4 Fets with product

    2020 - Introduces new SiC FET devices based on advanced Gen 4 technology

    Industry’s first 750V devices set performance benchmarks for high-growth power applications.

  • 2020

    2020 - Added Digi-Key as Global Distribution Partner

    UnitedSiC devices now available from one of the world’s biggest, highest-rated distributors.

  • 2020
    server stack image with united sic logo

    2020 - Announces lowest RDS(on) FET in DFN 8×8 surface mount package

    Enables engineers to build switching circuits with greater efficiency and higher power density in space constrained applications.

  • 2019
    First SiC Fet 10 mohms car charging information

    2019 - Releases First SiC FETs with RDS(on) < 10 milliohms

    New UF3SC series of FAST 650V and 1200V SiC FETs deliver increased efficiency and lower losses; finalist for ELEKTRA 2020 Automotive Electronics Product of the Year.

  • 2019
    Server towers with white background

    2019 - Announced 10 New SiC FETs

    UnitedSiC expands its SiC FETs with 10 new devices, including Kelvin packaging options.

  • 2019
    Flyback JFET Portfolio

    2019 - Flyback JFET Portfolio Released

    UnitedSiC announced the release of a range of SiC JFET die suitable for co-packaging with a controller IC with built in low voltage MOSFET to fabricate an extremely fast, cascode-based, 20-100 W Flyback product. Ranging from 650 V to 1700 V, these normally-on SiC JFETs enable simplified start-up implementation with zero standby dissipation and are ideal for the large Flyback AC-DC applications market, including consumer adapters and auxiliary power supplies.

  • 2019

    2019 - Analog Devices Strategic Investment

    UnitedSiC and ADI, who have been collaborating on SiC-based products and devices for more than two years, announced a long-term strategic investment and supply agreement to strengthen ADI’s power portfolio.

  • 2018
    AECQ logo

    2018 - 6″ SiC FET AECQ-101 Qualification

    UnitedSiC’s 6″ FETs meet the demanding stress tests for use within the automotive industry.

  • 2018
    Elektraaward conference 

    2018 - Elektra Awards Nomination

    UnitedSiC has been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious 2018 Elektra Awards, organized by the UK’s leading magazine for electronics professionals, Electronics Weekly.

  • 2018
    1200V SiC FET - Blue EV plugged in

    2018 - Announced 650V/1200V SiC JFETs

    With a voltage rating of 1200 V and ON-resistances of 80 and 40 milliohms, these devices offer a ‘drop-in’ replacement solution for many existing IGBT, Si-MOSFET and SiC-MOSFET parts, with no change to gate drive circuitry.

  • 2018
    Timeline for USC001 Banner

    2018 - Announced 650V/1200V UJ3C and UF3C SiC FETs

    UnitedSiC announces the UJ3C series of 650 V SiC FETs as drop-in replacements for silicon Superjunction MOSFETs enabling 15-20% loss reduction and higher frequency operation using standard silicon MOSFET gate drive.

  • 2018
    Global locations on a world map

    2018 - Expands to 9 Corporate Locations

    UnitedSiC expands its global presence with offices in Princeton, NJ; Manila, Philippines; Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai, China; Shenzhen, China; San Jose, CA; Brussels, Belgium; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • 2017

    2017 - 6″ Diodes in Production

    United Silicon Carbide announces the release of 650V and 1200V MPS SiC Diodes from its 6-inch platform.  Features include an optimized forward voltage drop, enhanced surge capability, and the industry’s lowest Qc (Qrr).

  • 2015

    2015 - Releases First Cascode Switches

    UnitedSiC releases first 4″ cascode switches delivering improved performance, reliability and compatibility with conventional gate drivers.

  • 2015
    Silicon Waffer with gray background

    2015 - Wafer Thinning Patent Issued

    Developed unique method of forming a low backside contact resistance with a laser technique, which enables the use of thin wafer technology and provides lower electrical and thermal resistance.

  • 2014

    2014 - 4″ 1200V JFETs in Production

    United Silicon Carbide Inc. (USCi), releases its portfolio of 1200V Silicon Carbide JFET product in die form and TO247 packages. The breakthrough United Silicon Carbide xJ series of 1200V JFETs are the industry’s lowest RDS(on) SiC transistor device. This market milestone for silicon carbide enables best in class converter and inverter system efficiency through incorporating the lowest figure of merit ( FOM) switch commercially available. The depletion mode xJ JFET series takes advantage of silicon carbide’s significantly superior performance over silicon, offering the user the best wide bandgap switch at standard 175°C Tj max. When appropriately packaged, the xJ series is capable of operating at temperatures of 250°C and beyond.

  • 2014
    schottky Diodes product

    2014 - 4″ 650V/1200V Diodes in Production

    United Silicon Carbide Inc. (USCi), releases its first wave of 650V Silicon Carbide JBS product in die form and TO220. USCi xR series SiC Schottky Barrier diodes deliver market leading efficiency improved, thermal characteristics, and lower Figures of Merit (Q c x V f). The result is a series of products delivering breakthrough efficiency in PFC and Boost stages over all load conditions.

  • 2014

    2014 - Established 6″ Foundry Relationship

    UnitedSiC initiated installation of its leading edge SiC processes in a domestic 6” foundry. Moving forward, strong foundry partnerships will enable UnitedSiC to scale significantly by supporting SiC processes in high-volume silicon fabs.

  • 2011

    2011 - Established 4″ Foundry Relationship

    UnitedSiC processes were successfully installed at a commercial foundry using the largest substrate (4”) available at the time. The resulting products delivered highly differentiated functionality, and improved power efficiency, based on a lower cost switch solution using the UnitedSiC core JFET technology.

  • 2010
    Silicon wafer

    2010 - Pilot Production Fab Build

    UnitedSiC built a pilot production cleanroom near Princeton NJ, to enhance the SiC processes to the stage where they could be directly installed in a commercial foundry. At this point, UnitedSiC became a fabless company enabling fast, efficient company growth.

  • 2009
    Circuit board

    2009 - DOLCE Acquires UnitedSiC

    A group of successful entrepreneurs who believed in the promise of wide band-gap materials, and SiC in particular acquired the company. Even then, the overall SiC market was relatively small, but it presented an excellent investment opportunity based on the projected market for SiC-based devices.

  • 1999
    United SiC Headquarters

    1999 - Company Founded

    UnitedSiC was founded by a small team of researchers at Rutgers University in 1999. This was in the days when Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology was still in its infancy, and devices were being manufactured in the research lab on thumbnail sized pieces of SiC.

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