Custom Products

UnitedSiC offers a range of advanced products for your prototyping needs.

Specialized SiC Diodes for power modules

Ultra-high voltage low current SiC diodes

Supercascode based high voltage transistors

Custom stack assemblies for high frequency power conversion

Custom devices for special applications


State-of-the-art SiC JBS Diodes


Ultra-high current diodes

Voltage ratings upto 8KV

All with no recovery losses

Enable much better efficiency through lower turn-on losses

Ultra-High Voltage, Low Current SiC Diodes

JBS Diodes – Greater than 10 kV with low current, I < 1 A

Ultra-Low Capacitances, C < 1pF

High Temperature Robust Operation

Used for High Voltage Power Supplies

Custom3-Ultra High Voltage-96

60A, 6500V Switch

Supercascode based high voltage transistors


Cost effective solution for your very high voltage fast switch needs

Ultra-low gate charge, QRR

Built using qualified 1200V USCi JFETs

Adaptable to a wide range of current and voltage ratings

Custom4-Super-cascode Image-new

Custom Stack Assemblies For High Frequency Power Conversion

Reduce Time-to-Market, while exploiting the unparalleled performance of SiC

Stacks Include Power Devices, Gate Drive, Protection, Heat Sinks and Decoupling Capacitors

Custom5-Custom Stack Assemblies-96

Custom6-Custom Devices-96

6.5kV Enhancement-Mode JFET Based Half-Bridge Power Module

Custom Devices for Special Applications


Need a device with special characteristics, and performance only SiC can provide

Consult the SiC experts at UnitedSiC

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