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Loading USCi Models into LTSPICE
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John Bendel
USCi Application Note, April, 2016

Paralleling SiC Cascodes for High Performance, High Power Systems
Matt O’Grady, Mike Zhu, Xueqing Li, John Bendel
Bodos Power Systems, September, 2015

Switching behavior of USCi SiC cascodes
Anup Bhalla, Xueqing Li, John Bendel
Bodos Power Systems, June 2015

Robustness of SiC JFETs and Cascodes
Anup Bhalla, Xueqing Li, John Bendel
Bodos Power Systems, May 2015

Using “Normally-On” JFETs in Power Systems
John Bendel & Xueqing Li
Bodo’s Power, March 2015

SiC Research and Development at United Silicon Carbide Inc. – Looking Beyond 650-1200V Diodes and Transistors
J. C. Dries
IEEE Power Electronics Magazine, March 2015

Cascode Configuration Eases Challenges of Applying SiC JFETs In Switching Inductive Loads
John Bendel
HOW2POWER Today, August 2014

Overview and User Guide to United Silicon Carbide’s “Normally On” xJ Series JFET
USCi Application Note



USCi Publications References


Gate Driving Strategies of SiC Cascode
Xueqing Li, Shirley Zhang, and Anup Bhalla
PCIM Europe 2016

Medium Voltage Power Switch Based on SiC JFETs
Xueqing Li, Shirley Zhang, Peter Alexandrov, Anup Bhalla
APEC 2016 conference 2016

SiC JFET Cascode Enables Higher Voltage Operation in a Phase Shift Full Bridge DC-DC Converter
Jonathan Dodge, P.E.
PCIM Europe 2016




6.5kV Enhancement Mode SiC JFET Based Power Module
John. L. Hostetler, Xueqing Li, Peter Alexandrov, Xing Huang, Anup Bhalla ,Martin Becker, Joseph Colombo, Derrick Dieso, Jerry Sherbondy
Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA), 2015 IEEE Workshop on , Nov. 2015

Series-Connection of SiC Normally-on JFETs
Xueqing Li, Anup Bhalla, Petre Alexandrov, John Hostetler, and Leonid Fursin,
Proceedings of the 27th ISPSD, Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, pp. 221-224. May, 2015

Correlation of Lifetime Mapping of 4H‐SiC epilayers with Structural Defects Using Synchrotron X‐ray Topography
Ouloide Goue, Yu Yang, Jianqiu Guo, Balaji Raghothamachar, Michael Dudley, John Hostetler, Rachael L. Myers‐Ward, Paul B. Klein, D. Kurt Gaskill
ICSCRM, Sicily, Italy October 2015

Understanding the basis of laterally varying minority carrier lifetimes in epitaxial 4H‐SiC
D.Kurt Gaskill, Rachael L. Myers‐Ward, Anthony B. Boyd, Kevin M. Daniels, Paul B. Klein, John Hostetler
ICSCRM, Sicily, Italy October 2015

Breakthrough Analog and Logic SiC Integrated Circuits Enable Ultra High Temperature Control Applications
Peter Alexandrov, Xueqing Li, Matt O’Grady, John Hostetler
PCIM Europe, May 2015




Market Penetration of Wide-Bandgap SiC and GaN technology in light of Silicon Superjunction and IGBT technology evolution
Anup Bhalla
CS Mantech May 19, 2014

6.5 kV SiC Normally-Off JFETs — Technology Status
John. L. Hostetler, Peter Alexandrov, Xueqing Li, Leonid Fursin, Anup Bhalla
Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA), 2015 IEEE Workshop on , Oct. 2014

Investigation of SiC Stack and Discrete Cascodes
Xueqing Li, Anup Bhalla, Petre Alexandrov, John Hostetler, and Leonid Fursin
PCIM 2014 conference, Nuremberg, Germany, pp.448-455 May 20-22, 2014

Study of SiC Vertical JFET Behavior during Unclamped Inductive Switching
Xueqing Li, Anup Bhalla, Peter, Alexandrov, Leonid Fursin
APEC Conference, Fort Worth, TX, pp. 2588-2592.March 16-20, 2014




Evaluation of SiC Stack Cascode for 200°C Operation
Xueqing Li, Petre Alexandrov, John Hostetler, and Anup Bhalla,
ICSCRM Conference, Materials Science Forum, Vol. 778-780, p879-882, 2013

The Outlook for SiC Vertical JFET Technology
Anup Bhalla, Xueqing Li, Petre Alexandrov, and J. Christopher Dries
Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA), 2015 IEEE Workshop on , Oct. 2013

SiC JFETs Reduce the Balance-of-System for Stationary Energy Storage Power Conversion Systems
John Hostetler, Xueqing Li, Peter Alexandrov, Leonid Fursin, Anup Bhalla, Frank Hoffmann, D. Kurt Gaskill, Rachael Myers-Ward and Bob Stahlbush,
Biennial International Conference on Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies, EESAT 2013, San Diego, California, USA 2013

Development of high-voltage 4H-SiC GTOs for grid-tied solar inverters
Leonid Fursin, Frank Hoffmann, John Hostetler, Xueqing Li, Matthew Fox, Petre Alexandrov, Mari-Anne Gagliardi, Mark Holveck,
Materials Science Forum Vols. 740-742 (2013) pp 982-985, 2013

High Voltage, High Frequency Lateral SiC JFET for Next Generation DC-DC Power Supply Peter Alexandrov, Xueqing Li, John Hostetler
PCIM – Europe Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, 2013

7.5 kV 4H-SiC GTO’s for Power Conversion
Leonid Fursin, John L. Hostetler, Xueqing Li, Matt Fox, Peter Alexandrov, Frank Hoffmann, Mark Holveck,
28th Annual IEEE APEC Conference p222-5, 2013

Breakthrough SiC GTOs Enable Efficient & Compact Next Generation High Voltage Grid Conversion
Leonid Fursin, John L. Hostetler, Xueqing Li, Anup Bhalla, Frank Hoffmann, Matthew Fox
PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings, p 43-48, 2013



2009 – 2012

SiC Solid-State Disconnect for High Power System Applications
X. Li, P. Alexandrov, L. Fursin, C. Dries, J. Zhao,
Materials Science Forum, Vols. 717-720, pp. 1249-1252, 2012

Optically Triggered Power Switch Based on 4H-SiC Vertical JFET
P. Alexandrov, X. Li, J. Zhao
Materials Science Forum, Vols. 679-680, pp. 625-628, 2011

Solid-State Disconnects Based on SiC Power JFETs
P. Alexandrov, X. Li, L. Fursin, C. Dries, J. Zhao2, T. Burke,
Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, 2011

Development of Silicon Carbide High-Voltage Switches for Power Converters and Solid-State Disconnects
P. Alexandrov, J. Zhang, L. Fursin, X. Li, C. Dries, L. Lin, J. H. Zhao, T. Burke, F. Kub
COMACTEC Conference, March, 2011

High Voltage 4H-SiC BJTs with Deep Mesa Edge Termination
Zhang, Jianhui; Zhao, Jian H; Wang, Xiaohui; Li, Xueqing; Fursin, Leonid; Alexandrov, Peter; Gagliardi, Mari-Anne; Lange, Mike; Dries, Chris
ICSCRM, Materials Science Forum, v679-680, p 710-713, 2011

Development of High Temperature Lateral HV and LV JFETs in 4H-SiC
Zhang, Y. Sheng, K.; Su, M.; Zhao, J.H.; Alexandrov, P.; Fursin, L.
Materials Science Forum, v600-603, pt.2, p 1091-4, 2009

4H-SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors with Graded Base Doping Profile
Zhang, Jianhui, Fursin, Leonid, Li, Xueqing, Wang, Xiaohui, Zhao, Jian H., Vanmil, Brenda L. Myers-Ward, Rachael L., Eddy Jr., Charles R., Gaskill, D. Kurt
ECSCRM, Materials Science Forum, v 615 617, p 829-832, 2009