The UJ3N series are high-performance SiC normally-on JFET transistors, from 650V to 1700V, with ultra-low on resistance (RDS(on)) as low as 25mohm. Gate charge (QG) is also low, allowing for low conduction and reduced switching loss. They are also ideal for circuit protection.

  • 650/900/1200/1700 V device options
  • Low on-resistance: RDS(on) maximum of 25mΩ
  • Current limiting: rapid current decrease due to self-heating, limiting I2t
  • Normally-on JFETs: VG(th) invariant with temperature
  • RoHS compliant
SiC JFETs Selector Guide
Part # Package V RDS(on) typ
ID Max (A) Data Sheet Design Files Buy Now Generation
TO-247-3L 1200 45 38 Email Us 1
TO-247-3L 1200 80 21 Email Us 1

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