High Voltage Phase Shift Bridge

440VAC/800VDC  Power Factor Correction

The high voltage phase shift bridge demo board  demonstrates the performance of USCi’s cascode in resonant bridge

circuits.   This performance is achieved by leveraging the excellent RDS(on)-output capacitance figure of merit with the

cascode’s industry leading reverse recovery charge.  This phase shift full bridge converts a 700 to 820 VDC input to an isolated

40 to 60 VDC output up to a power level of 1.5 kW.   The board maintains zero-voltage turn-on switching to less than 50%

load current under all operating conditions.  Peak efficiency exceeds 96% at a switching frequency of 75 kHz,  800 VDC input,

48 VDC output (Pout > 800 Watts).

PFC Boost Converter

Efficiency versus output power at various output voltages

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