650V FET in LLC 2nd Stage Power Conversion for Servers

Due to the time these articles were written, devices used in these solutions do not always represent the latest UnitedSiC SiC FETs.
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LLC 2nd Stage Power Conversion

The LLC demonstrates the effectiveness of the UnitedSiC 650 V FET in a resonant DC-DC converter. Low gate charge and output capacitance combine to yield superior light-load efficiency, while the FET’s low RDS(on) leads in high-load efficiency as well. The LLC converts 400VDC input to isolated 12 VDC output. Peak efficiency exceeds 97.6% over a frequency range of roughly 100 to 200 kHz.

Efficiency vs. Output Current

The SiC FET device is a premier primary side solution due to its superior combination of low RDS, low output capacitance, and low gate charge.

Application Notes

LLC 2nd Stage Power Conversion for Servers