Power Research Electronic and United Silicon Carbide Inc. to Start Strategic Cooperation

A Strategic Agreement to Supply a Wide Range of SiC diodes and FETs into bidirectional EV fast chargers has been reached

Power Research Electronic and United Silicon Carbide Inc. to Start Strategic Cooperation
Minervum, The Netherlands – October 16th, 2017

Power Research Electronic (PRE), a specialist power electronics solution provider for E-mobility, renewable and energy saving applications is signing a strategic agreement with United Silicon Carbide Inc. (UnitedSiC), a leading manufacturer of SiC diodes and FETs. UnitedSiC will supply a wide range of its new Generation 3 SiC diodes and FETs into PRE’s latest generation of bidirectional EV fast chargers.

“Hard switched applications using SiC MOSFETs require a SiC FWD to reduce the body diode’s VF (4.6V) and thus losses. We have selected the UnitedSiC SiC Cascodes due to the low body diode VF (<2V), enabling us to remove the SiC FWD and thus saving component cost and board space” explains Menno Kardolus, CEO at PRE. “Further, the high threshold voltage (typ. 4.5V) and low gate charges enable us to use a standard low-cost gate driver with a VGS=12V/0V, also reducing gate drive losses.”
Christopher Rocneanu, Director of Sales at UnitedSiC adds that the reduction of overall system cost is one of the greatest challenges for power electronics solution providers in order to partake in the upcoming E-mobility market. “The innovative chip design of UnitedSiC’s SiC product family plays a crucial role in this process. We are very proud to have the Gen 3 SiC family now fully qualified under AECQ-101, offering our customers an optimized range in terms of ultra-low QRR, VF and specific RDS,on.”

About Power Research Electronic (PRE)
PRE is private company, based in The Netherlands, under new management since 2001.
Since 2009 PRE is major supplier of Power Modules and Technology for EV (DC) Fast Chargers to OEM charger companies.

PRE offers power modules for several Fast Charger products:
Wallboxes, Highway chargers, Charger parks, Bus chargers.

PRE’s power modules feature:
* modular, reliable systems, proven technology up to 150kW
* world wide mains applicable (AC and DC input, no neutral needed)
* both uni as bidirectional up to 25kW
* CHAdeMO and CCS compatible
* 96% efficient, 500V DC and 1000V DC
* IP65 design

Products datasheets:

About United Silicon Carbide Inc.
United Silicon Carbide Inc. is a semiconductor company specializing in the development of high efficiency Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices and customized products with process expertise in Schottky Barrier Diodes and SiC FETs. UnitedSiC technology and products enable affordable power efficiency improvements in key markets that will drive the new and greener economy.
These markets include: Wind and solar power generation, energy storage, electrification of transportation, emerging Smart Grid technologies, motor control, and numerous other applications that require higher efficiency, compact design and demanding thermal constraints.
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