SiC JFETs – The ideal circuit protection solution

The UJN & UJ3N series are high-performance SiC normally-on JFET transistors. This series exhibits ultra-low on resistance (RDS(ON)) and gate charge (QG) allowing for low conduction and switching loss. The device normally-on characteristics with low RDS(ON) at VGS = 0 V is also ideal for current protection circuits without the need for active control.  The devices are also commonly used in series connection with a Si-MOSFET as robust ‘supercascodes’, which give all the advantages of wide band-gap technology with very high operating voltages and easy gate drive.


  • 650 V & 1200 V device options

  • Low on-resistance: RDS(on) maximum of 80mΩ

  • Current limiting: rapid current decrease due to self-heating, limiting I2t

  • Normally-on JFETs: VG(th) invariant with temperature

  • Peak TJ > 600°C

SiC JFET Selector Guide

Part Number Package V RDS(on) typ Id max
ID New Part Number Package V RDS(on) typ Id max Data Sheet SPICE Model Buy Now
1 UJN1205K¹ TO-247-3L 1200 45 38.0 Order Online
3 UJN1208K¹ TO-247-3L 1200 80 21.0 Order Online
12 UJ3N120070K3S TO-247-3L 1200 70 33.5 Order Online
13 UJ3N120035K3S TO-247-3L 1200 35 63.0 Order Online
14 UJ3N065080K3S TO-247-3L 650 80 32.0 Order Online
15 UJ3N065025K3S TO-247-3L 650 25 85.0 Order Online
  1. This product is not recommended for new designs. Instead, select the appropriate version of the UJ3N series.
  2. For all die inquiries, contact

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Normally-On JFET limits current flow from a surge event

Ability to handle TJ > 600ºC

Back-to-back normally-on JFETs support bidirectional current limiting


Low series resistance, excellent current limiting behavior

Normally-on JFETs create self-powered two-terminal fast acting circuit breakers


High Side Switch (DC Breaker)


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1200 V xJ SiC Series

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