The properties of Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices are perfect for next generation electric cars and trains. This is the largest market potential for SiC devices. The use of high voltage electronics is a necessity in future automobiles as the use of electric drives lessens our dependency on fossil fuels. SiC devices will be used in all applications in these vehicles and this market alone will grow to over $400M in the coming years.

A specific automotive application example is the battery to bus Boost Converter. Using SiC transistors and diodes improves the efficiency, reduces the size of passive components and weight by up to 50%.

Using SiC transistors and diodes in the powertrain allows for increased switching frequency and reduces cooling. This reduces a significant amount of cost, additional weight, and space in the vehicle.

The higher voltage and higher power electrical requirements for trains are a great fit for SiC devices. The performance of SiC at high voltage is well suited to improve the electronic systems for rail transportation. USCi has industry leading experience in large die size and high voltage SiC capability that enables the use of wide band gap adoption into high power modules and systems.

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    Anup Bhalla
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    Jeff Knapp
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    Chris Dries