Totem-pole 90-260VAC/400VDC Power Factor Correction

Due to the time these articles were written, devices used in these solutions do not always represent the latest UnitedSiC SiC FETs.
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1.5 kW Totem-pole PFC Board

The 1.5 kW Totem-pole PFC Board is a hard switched single phase bridgeless PFC working in continuous conduction mode at 100 kHz. It is designed to help customers reach and exceed Titanium efficiency using UnitedSiC’s SiC cascodes. By exploiting the excellent switching and conduction performance of SiC cascodes, a peak efficiency of 99.4% is achieved at high line (230 VAC) with 400 V DC output.

Totem Pole CD power factor Correction

Efficiency vs. Output Power

Efficiency curve measured at 230 VAC with 0 Ω turn-on gate resistor and 10 Ω turn-off gate resistor for the UJC06505K. 99.4% peak efficiency and 3.77% THD is achieved with 230 V AC input at 100 kHz switching frequency.

Application Notes

1.5 kW Totem-pole PFC Using 650V UnitedSiC SiC Cascodes

Design Information

Schematic and Layout

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